We are a young game- and software startup working to bring welfare and common good to society. We develop digital tools for increasing awareness and well-being. We aim for growing our business with a sustainable and ethical approach.

Nabe app

Nabe is an app that makes ethical and sustainable consumption easy. For consumers Nabe provides an opportunity to find products that mirror their values. With Nabe, consumers can search and compare products, follow their own consumption and its impacts, and share information with other users. For companies Nabe offers an opportunity to provide information about the environmental impacts and ethicality of their products. With Nabe, we aim to increase transparency of supply chains and help consumers to make knowledge-based consumption choices.

We are currently creating a demo of Nabe – stay tuned!

Our team

We are a multidisciplinary and agile bunch of developers. Our founder has her background in IT and psychology, and she has gathered around her a team of researchers, specialists and designers working with software development, game design, AI, graphic design, screenwriting, sustainability, and mental healthcare.

Kaisa Mäkelä


Kaisa is a long term IT-professional with experience in team leading and project management. Kaisa is enthusiastic about helping this world and the people in it towards a better future.


Hannaleena Jokihaara

Sustainability Specialist

Hannaleena is Master of Social Sciences from University of Jyväskylä, where she specialized in climate and environmental politics and sustainable development. Hannaleena is passionate about societal change and climate politics. On her free time Hannaleena knits, bakes and does acroyoga.


Päivi Lindell

Visual Designer / UI Artist

Päivi, our graphic designer, is to thank for the look of nabe. She has a fun, fresh, cartoon-like style, which she incorporates both in her work and in her street art.


Saara Honkanen

Writer / Content Provider

Saara is a Bachelor of Culture and Arts from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, and works in the team as a writer. Saara loves video games and Lindy Hop -dancing.


Timo Mäki

Software Designer / Programmer

Timo, our software designer and programmer is interested in technological advancements, and especially how they are utilized in games and gamified apps. You might have guessed he’s also a passionate gamer.


Marjanah Sadiq

AI Developer

Our AI Developer Marjanah is a passionate student of games, artificial intelligence and new technologies. She has also a green thumb and is enthusiastic about making all kinds of plants flourish.


Nilupha Dbritto

Project Assistant / Scrum Master

Our project assistant and scrum master, Nilupha, makes our days and weeks run smoothly. On her free time she loves cooking Indian food and is busy keeping up with an active 4-year old.


Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or comments regarding the app. You can also suggest co-operation with us!

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